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Electron microscopy (EM unit)

Research centre for electron microscopy (FZEM)

- Fabeckstraße 36A, 14195 Berlin, Tel. 838 53908 (TEM) / 838 52269 (REM)

Dr. Kai Ludwig (kai.ludwig@fzem.fu-berlin.de) - TEM
Anke Schindler (anke.schindler@fu-berlin.de) - SEM
web: https://fzem.fu-berlin.de

Transmission electron microscopy (TEM), conventional TEM (cTEM), cryogenic TEM (cryoTEM), automated data acquisition (EPU/SPA), electron tomography (eTOMO), Scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM),  Mikro electron diffraction (microED), Scanning elektron microscopy (SEM).

Technai F20 (TEM, 200 kV, FEG, Side-Entry), only as a service
Talos L120C (TEM, 120 kV, Thermionische Kathode, Side-Entry, cryo equipment), directly bookable, assisted and unassisted (training is mandatory)
Talos Arctica (TEM, 200 kV, x-FEG, 12 fold sample changer), as a service, unassisted (training is mandatory)
Titan Krios (TEM, STEM, 300 kV, x-FEG, 12 fold sample changer), as a service
SU 8030 (REM, 30kV), directly bookable, assisted and unassisted (training is mandatory)

TEM measurements (single measurement or measurement series), all users
Register for Single Particle Analysis (SPA) - SFAB, only SPA group members
SPA data acquisition - Titan Krios
, only SPA users

Data storage:
Measuring data are stored on BCPstorage network drive (BCPFS).

TEM - For unassisted measurements, one-time registration for TEM measurements (Register with Transmission Electron Microscopy) with approval by the group head as well as training or proof of proficiency on the instrument is required.
Unassisted TEM measurements can be performed by appropriate key users of the working groups.
SEM - All users of assisted and unassisted measurements must register for SEM measurements (Register with Scanning Electron Microscopy) including one-time approval by the group head.
Unassisted SEM measurements are possible, training is mandatory.
SPA - Users must generally register for SPA (Register for Single Particle Analysis) and must additionally request each measurement (SPA data aquisition - Titan Krios) including a separate approval by the group head, each time. The (working) group must be registered for the SPA workflow (Participate in SPA data acquisition - SFAB) by the group head, beforehand.
More information on the SPA workflow can be found on the FZEMs home page.

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